• Tartan Rapids at Prosperous Lake

    Tartan Rapids at Prosperous Lake

  • Cliffs of Blanchette Island

    Cliffs of Blanchette Island

  • Shore of Great Slave Lake

    Shore of Great Slave Lake

About Us

The Great Slave Snowmobile Association (GSSA) is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting safe, responsible snowmobiling in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

The members of the GSSA are active in the community clearing trails, adding signage along the trail system, fund raising for a Kubota RTV to pull a Snowmobile Trail Groomer, and being a voice for snowmobilers within the community. Get Involved!

Visit the Membership page for a list of the great benefits the GSSA has to offer.

Meet The Executives

Elections were held on November 2nd and we have a new but familiar Club Executive.

  • President – Michael Arbuckle (446-1231)
  • Vice President – Kate Hillman-Barnes (445-7093)
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Marg Hudder
  • Director – Randy Jacobs
  • Director – Tom Hall
  • Director – Shaun Morris