• Snowmobile Sunset

    Snowmobile Sunset

  • Berry Hill February 2017

    Berry Hill February 2017

  • Berry Hill February 2017

    Berry Hill February 2017

  • Tartan Rapids at Prosperous Lake

    Tartan Rapids at Prosperous Lake

  • Cliffs of Blanchette Island

    Cliffs of Blanchette Island

  • Shore of Great Slave Lake

    Shore of Great Slave Lake

  • 2017 Making Trax

    2017 Making Trax

  • 2017 Making Trax

    2017 Making Trax

Dogsleds and Snowmobiles

Hi GSSA folks,

Just thought I should send a note about trails, snowmachines and dog teams.We’ve been running sled dogs in the Yellowknife area for over 30 years. Things have changed a lot in this time. There are many more people out on machines, the machines are bigger and faster. Our trails are narrow and twisty in places so you can’t always see or hear what’s coming. Also dog team travel is very quiet so people often aren’t aware of their approach until they are right there

Dog teams don’t have reverse or the ease of steering that a machine has. The front dogs are often 40 ft or more from their musher and a team is composed of many dogs that can react in different ways. Their ears are more sensitive than ours and they can be spooked by the noise. When encountering a team head on my advice is to pull off the trail as far as possible, shut your motor off and let the team pass. If you come up behind a team on a narrow trail it’s best to wait for the  musher to find a wide part of the trail or a pond or lake to stop  in to let you pass. There’s lines, harness and rope on a team and you might easily hook something trying to pass on a narrow trail.

If you are running a loose dog on a portage, leash or grab the dog and pull it off the trail so there’s no chance of a canine confrontation.

Some of the common trails that teams use are on Kam, Grace, Meg, Peg, Keg and out toward the Mink Ranch.  The Duck Lake , Mason and Jennejohn route, Bluefish and Quyta Lakes.  These are not the only ones used. I personally love to explore this land by dog sled might be on any trail.

Get out there, have fun, enjoy and respect this beautiful  country. 

See you on the trails.

Thank you very much. 

Terry Woolf