• Tartan Rapids at Prosperous Lake

    Tartan Rapids at Prosperous Lake

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    Cliffs of Blanchette Island

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    Shore of Great Slave Lake

Making Trax Rally!!

Hi all – as many of you know this Saturday is our Making Trax Snowmobile Rally. The Rally is our major fund raiser for the year. The money raised goes to the AVENS centre in support of their facilities and also to Yellowknife Search and Rescue. Both very worthy causes. A small portion stays with us to be used for trail maintenance and grooming.

There are 2 parts to the event. First is the Snowmobile Rally. For the $10 registration fee you receive one Card Hand. You can buy additional card hands for $10/hand. You will pick 1 card per hand at registration, there will be 3 stops along the ride and you will pick one card per hand at each stop. The 5th card will be drawn upon return to the Long Lake Beach Kitchen. While the Card Hands are being counted Chili, hot dogs, hot chocolate and coffee are available as part of your registration fee. Along the ride there will be door prizes presented – approximate 26 prizes will be given out. There will be 10 prizes for the rally consisting of a ice fishing package from Canadian Tire, toboggan, snowmobile suites, jackets. Gift certificates, Fuel, Portable jump start, coffee maker, etc.

The second part of the rally is the Silent Auction. The business community has been very generous and prizes for the silent auction include airline tickets, passes to city facilities, paintings, prints, Glasses, luggage, speakers, spring tune-up gift certificate, make-up kit and many more. Remember this is a Silent Auction to raise money for 2 very worthy causes, loosen up the credit card.

I have estimated that the total prize value is in excess of $15,000 and there are at least 60 prizes to be won on the ride or purchased at the silent auction.

The rally will be held at the Long Lake Beach Kitchen which is on the east side of the beach NOT at the boat launch. Trailers and trucks can be parking at the parking lot off Hwy 3 opposite from the airport. Access to the boat launch area will be marked. Snowmobile access can be made by crossing Hwy 3 adjacent to the Fred Henne main entrance – be very cautious when crossing the road.

The trail ride is about 40km and the trail was in good condition and remember this is a leisurely ride not a race. Hopefully the weather will be good and you can enjoy the day.

Bruce Hewlko, President
Great Slave Snowmobile Association