• Snowmobile Sunset

    Snowmobile Sunset

  • Berry Hill February 2017

    Berry Hill February 2017

  • Berry Hill February 2017

    Berry Hill February 2017

  • Tartan Rapids at Prosperous Lake

    Tartan Rapids at Prosperous Lake

  • Cliffs of Blanchette Island

    Cliffs of Blanchette Island

  • Shore of Great Slave Lake

    Shore of Great Slave Lake

  • 2017 Making Trax

    2017 Making Trax

  • 2017 Making Trax

    2017 Making Trax


Ice Testing Results November 3, 2019

2020 Annual General Meeting

Good Day All,

The GSSA annual general meeting will be held on the following

Thursday November 14th at 7:30pm

3rd Floor NWT Commerce Place (between the Elks Club and Book Cellar)

Welcome to anyone who is interested in joining the association

Shaun “Moose” Morris

President, GSSA

GSSA Members Ride January 27

The weather forecast looks great for ride this weekend!!

Polartech has offered to sponsor the ride and donate some prizes to be drawn at random for those in attendance!!

We will meet by the Ice Castle at 10:00am on Sunday January 27th 

As for the route, we can go up to Berry Hill then over to Tartan Rapids where we can make a fire and have a lunch break.  

Shaun GSSA President

World Snow Day, Ladies Night and Trail Conditions

Good Day all,

Please click on the image below to see the poster for the World Snow Day events coming up on Sunday January 20th at 1:00pm

Polartech will be hosting a Ladies Night on January 17th from 6:00 to 7:00pm. Technicians will be reviewing basic maintenance and usage items such as belt changes, using pull cords and emergency rope starting.  They will also be demonstrating how to wear a no-fog with an open helmet and goggles.  
Polartech will also be offering 20% discount on clothing, helmets and much much more for any of the ladies that attend that night. 

As for trail conditions, I was out of town so I have nothing first hand to report, but I have received information that there is plenty of powder north of Neck and Johnson Lake but not much out on the winter road area towards Tibbit Lake and North. 
There was a snowmobile sunk a couple weeks ago on Prelude Lake, I have attached a screenshot of a map that shows the general area.  

Lastly,  Polartech is now renting snowmobiles, toboggans and even trailers!!  They will even set people up with helmets, winter gear, GPS and emergency locators if necessary.  Call Eric at Polartech for more information and rates. 

Shaun “Moose” Morris

President, GSSA

Always wear a Helmet!

Over Christmas, some friends were out for a family ride and while travelling less than 50km/hr near Dettah during flat light conditions one of them struck a rock, was thrown over the handlebars landing on another rock and the snowmobiles momentum carried it forward where it struck the back of the riders helmet.

The rider had facial lacerations that required stitches and was transported to Stanton Hospital for assessment and treatment. Fortunately there were no long term serious injuries and the rider will be back riding again after a couple weeks of healing. The photos below show the damage that was done to the helmet while travelling at relatively slow speeds (20km/hr under the speed limit for the area).

It is mandatory to wear a helmet while riding within the limits of the City of Yellowknife a lot of people ride without helmets when out in the bush. This incident shows how important it is to wear a helmet at all time as this accident happened to an experienced rider travelling at relatively low speeds.

Trail Report January 5th

We are starting to get reports from members on trail conditions around the City.

Kam Lake

There is a significant amount of Overflow on the trail leading from the south end of Kam Lake heading towards Mac Lake. You can bypass this area by taking the trail that was cut for the winter road two seasons ago. See the photos below for the location and pictures of the over flow.

Walsh/Prosperous/Prelude/River Lakes/Hay Lakes

last week I went on a ride out to Prelude going from back bay to YK River over to Walsh then Prosperous and onto Prelude via the trial that comes out north of the River entrance. We returned to Yellowknife using the River Lakes trail to Prosperous/Cassidy Point then crossing the highway taking the Hay Lakes trail. The trails and lakes were in great condition with the fresh snow. there are ice roads starting to show up on the lakes so please be aware when riding.

White Beach

A member reported that the ride out to White Beach is beautiful but there is one ice ridge to be aware of.

If you have been out for a ride let us know what the conditions are like by emailing us at gssatrailriders@gmail.com so we can share with all our members.

Location of Overflow on trail at south end of Kam Lake heading to Mac Lake
Overflow on trail from Kam Lake towards Mac Lake
Overflow on trail from south end of Kam Lake towards Mac Lake

World Snow Day

In partnership with the City of Yellowknife the Great Slave Snowmobile Association will be leading a Family Ride to celebrate World Snow Day on January 20th, 2019.

We will meet on Frame Lake by the Sculpture at Sombe K’e park by City Hall with the ride starting at 1:00pm so make sure you are there early and ready to go!

Ice Testing Results – November 17th

Ice Testing Results – November 17th

All bodies of water tested have now reached 6 inches with the exception of Jackfish (Stock) Lake.

Remember that Ice Thickness can vary depending on currents or location, please be cautious at all times

Ice Testing Results – November 10th

Ice Testing Results – November 10th 

GSSA Annual General Meeting

The AGM for the GSSA will be held on Wednesday November 14th at 7:00pm

The meeting will be held at the board room on the Second Floor of the NWT Commerce Place Building

(Between the Elks Lodge and Book Cellar)