• Snowmobile Sunset

    Snowmobile Sunset

  • Berry Hill February 2017

    Berry Hill February 2017

  • Berry Hill February 2017

    Berry Hill February 2017

  • Tartan Rapids at Prosperous Lake

    Tartan Rapids at Prosperous Lake

  • Cliffs of Blanchette Island

    Cliffs of Blanchette Island

  • Shore of Great Slave Lake

    Shore of Great Slave Lake

  • 2017 Making Trax

    2017 Making Trax

  • 2017 Making Trax

    2017 Making Trax


Bullmoose-Ruth Winter Road Update March 28

Please see attached Bullmoose-Ruth Winter Road bulletin for March 28, 2017 and note the nighttime travel restriction effective 10:00 pm March 29, 2017.


Making Trax Rally!!

Hi all – as many of you know this Saturday is our Making Trax Snowmobile Rally. The Rally is our major fund raiser for the year. The money raised goes to the AVENS centre in support of their facilities and also to Yellowknife Search and Rescue. Both very worthy causes. A small portion stays with us to be used for trail maintenance and grooming.

There are 2 parts to the event. First is the Snowmobile Rally. For the $10 registration fee you receive one Card Hand. You can buy additional card hands for $10/hand. You will pick 1 card per hand at registration, there will be 3 stops along the ride and you will pick one card per hand at each stop. The 5th card will be drawn upon return to the Long Lake Beach Kitchen. While the Card Hands are being counted Chili, hot dogs, hot chocolate and coffee are available as part of your registration fee. Along the ride there will be door prizes presented – approximate 26 prizes will be given out. There will be 10 prizes for the rally consisting of a ice fishing package from Canadian Tire, toboggan, snowmobile suites, jackets. Gift certificates, Fuel, Portable jump start, coffee maker, etc.

The second part of the rally is the Silent Auction. The business community has been very generous and prizes for the silent auction include airline tickets, passes to city facilities, paintings, prints, Glasses, luggage, speakers, spring tune-up gift certificate, make-up kit and many more. Remember this is a Silent Auction to raise money for 2 very worthy causes, loosen up the credit card.

I have estimated that the total prize value is in excess of $15,000 and there are at least 60 prizes to be won on the ride or purchased at the silent auction.

The rally will be held at the Long Lake Beach Kitchen which is on the east side of the beach NOT at the boat launch. Trailers and trucks can be parking at the parking lot off Hwy 3 opposite from the airport. Access to the boat launch area will be marked. Snowmobile access can be made by crossing Hwy 3 adjacent to the Fred Henne main entrance – be very cautious when crossing the road.

The trail ride is about 40km and the trail was in good condition and remember this is a leisurely ride not a race. Hopefully the weather will be good and you can enjoy the day.

Bruce Hewlko, President
Great Slave Snowmobile Association

OverFlow Warnings!

Overflow is raising its ugly head through the snow again. Heavy snow on the lakes forces water up through the cracks.

Here are a couple of emails sent in by riders over the last few days…..

On Sunday I was on a small lake east of Walsh Lake with myself and another guy. I had my Skidoo Renegade and he had a Skidoo GSX, I have a big paddle on my track and he had a small paddle on his track. I was leading and when I hit the overflow I hit the throttle and skipped through it, he did not. We pushed pulled, said a few words we may should not have and went nowhere. The water mixes with snow, made a fairly solid block and the small sled cannot push its way through it. What we ended up doing was to run back and forth on the trail with the Renegade which mixed the snow and water and turned it into water. With the GSX pushing only water it was relatively easy to get out. When making the trail of water do not go slow, keep the throttle on. We were in a foot of snow and 5” of water.

Was out to Blatchford yesterday with a group. Left Reid campground by sled and went out. Lots of overflow about halfway up to the lodge and it just kept going. There was open water as well off of the tree marked trails on the lakes. Figured you should know. Very dangerous and rough after the halfway mark and on to Blatchford.

Overflow reported on JenneJohn

Hi Bruce

Just a heads up to your riders that JenneJohn Lake has overflow when you are heading south to the Defeat lake portage. I have heard reports of overflow towards Reid on JenneJohn as well.

Saturday March 25 Powerline Ride

Mervin Penny is going to run the Powerline loop this Saturday. He is going to meet at the Long Lake boat Launch at 10 and depart shortly thereafter.

This is the same route that we will be taking for the Making Trax Snowmobile Rally on April 1. More info on the Rally to come on Sunday or Monday but the Prizes for the Rally (10), the Silent Auction has about 20 items up for bid and there are about 26 door prizes to be awarded on the ride.

The odds of not winning something are slim. I would estimate the total value of prizes and silent auction items at a conservative $10,000, probably more.

Enjoy the weekend and ride carefully.

Bruce Hewlko, President

Bullmoose – Ruth Winter Road Update March 13th

Please see the attached March 13th update on the Bullmoose-Ruth remediation project winter road


Please see the attached update from February 20, 2017 regarding the Bullmoose, Ruth Winter Road and remediation project.


Dangerous Narrow Roads on Yellowknife Bay

Coming across YK Bay last night in the dark I found what looks like a commercial blower (skid steer mounted snow blower) has cut 2-3 troughs across Yellowknife Bay in a SE direction towards Dettah between Mosher Island and Negus Point.

Part of it is road-width, the other two (sometimes one) is the width of unit, 6-8 feet. These are very dangerous because they are straight sided and there is little warning due to no evident snow-bank because the snow was thrown. Also, because of the narrow width, its difficult to cross, especially with a boggon.

Very negligent behavior. Someone unaware clipping along in the dark could find a snow packed vertical wall in their face.

Perhaps its better marked in other areas… but I didn’t see it.

There was a facebook post earlier this week from a gentleman who hit one of these unmarked roads resulting in a severely damaged snowmobile and broken arm!

Keep your speeds down and be aware at all times!

2017 Making Trax Snowmobile Rally

Frostbite 50 – Advisory

The Frostbite 50 is this Saturday – Mar. 18. The racers start at the ski club, across Back Bay to the Walsh Lake trail (not sure if the east or west trail) across Walsh to Prosperous to Cassidy Point, across Hwy 4 to the Hay Lake Trail and back across Back Bay to the ski club. If you are planning on using one of these trails please give the racers the right-of –way.