• Snowmobile Sunset

    Snowmobile Sunset

  • Berry Hill February 2017

    Berry Hill February 2017

  • Berry Hill February 2017

    Berry Hill February 2017

  • Tartan Rapids at Prosperous Lake

    Tartan Rapids at Prosperous Lake

  • Cliffs of Blanchette Island

    Cliffs of Blanchette Island

  • Shore of Great Slave Lake

    Shore of Great Slave Lake

  • 2017 Making Trax

    2017 Making Trax

  • 2017 Making Trax

    2017 Making Trax


Monday March 13, 2017 – Trail Update

Overflow has been reported but I haven’t run across any. Lots of deep snow in the bush and off the trails. Also lots of UNMARKED winter roads. Although my road is marked it is blown in but still a good bump if you hit it at speed.

We tried out a drag pulled behind our snowmobiles this past Sunday on the Walsh Lake trail and the Walsh-Prosperous lake trail. It works okay but it does move some snow and helps smooth out the trail. It would have been better if we had started using it as soon as possible in the early winter as some of the dips are big enough to lose a small sled. We can use the drag from Ingram Trail through to Walsh and Prosperous, if we have time we will try it out on the Hay Lake Trail.

The Frostbite 50 is this Saturday – Mar. 18. The racers start at the ski club, across Back Bay to the Walsh Lake trail (not sure if the east or west trail) across Walsh to Prosperous to Cassidy Point, across Hwy 4 to the Hay Lake Trail and back across Back Bay to the ski club. If you are planning on using one of these trails please give the racers the right-of –way.

Attached is a poster for the Making Trax Snowmobile Rally. Please print-off a copy and post in your office, coffee room, company bulletin board and forward to friends and neighbours. As always Marg has done a great job of obtaining prizes for the event and for the Silent Auction. Grand Prize for the Snowmobile Rally is an Ice fishing set-up from Canadian Tire – I haven’t picked it up as yet so not exactly sure what all it contains. Lots of prizes along the trail and for the top Card Hands. Registration is $10 and you get one free card hand. Extra card hands are $10 each.

The Making Trax event will be held at the LONG LAKE BEACH KITCHEN at the east side of the beach. The ride will take place at 1PM on April 1, 2017, registration is open at 11 AM. chili and hot dogs, coffee and hot chocolate will be included in the registration fee. The ride will be along the Powerline Loop.

Ride Safe – Ride Sober.

Bruce Hewlko, President
Great Slave Snowmobile Association

Canadian Tire Making Trax Snowmobile Rally

We are happy to announce our Canadian Tire Making Trax Snowmobile Rally

This is the Great Slave Snowmobile Association’s fund-raising event for the year and we are pleased to announce that once again Canadian Tire is the premier sponsor.

Entry fee for this event is $10.00/person which includes your participation in the ride, one free card hand for the Poker Derby and chances to win some great prizes on the ride as well as the opportunity to bid on silent auction items. As in past, riders will have the option to purchase additional card hands for $10.00, there is no limit on the number of hands you can buy!

The trail ride will begin at 1:00PM at the Long Lake Beach Kitchen Shelter, Registration will start at 11:00AM. The ride will be along the Powerline Trail and will be approximately 40 Kilometers with three stops along the way.

This is a family event and kids are welcome with Chilli, Hot Dogs, Coffee and Hot Chocolate served at the end of the ride!

The Grand Prize this year is an Ice Fishing Package donated by Canadian Tire.

Please pass on to your friends/neighbors and co-workers…..the more the merrier!

We hope to see you there!

GSSA – Executive

2015-16 Season – Update

Hi Trail Riders

Another season is son to be upon us. The summer is quickly turning into fall and in 2 months we may be on our sleds.

On Sept. 26 we will join the Ski Club and several other clubs for the clean-up of the Vee Lake Road. Two years ago the GNWT and TerraX Mining sponsored a clean-up of the road. We took several truck-loads of garbage to the city dump. There is still money left over in the bank to be shared by the participating organizations. We will meet at the Vee Lake Parking lot at 10:00 AM and we should finish later in the afternoon depending on the amount of garbage. We get reimbursed by the number of people from the club that show up and the number of quads and trucks used. It will likely be cool and damp so bring warm clothes and gloves and a light lunch and something warm to drink. If the weather is poor we will postpone to Oct. 3.

We will have our Annual General Meeting in late October, probably the 22nd or 29th. Time and place to be determined.

I have not confirmed it as yet but we will likely do the Ice Thickness testing for the Fire Department again this fall. We will need volunteers to test the ice thickness. It usually takes 2 to 3 hours for 3 or 4 Saturdays. Survival suits and safety gear supplied by the fire hall. We usually have teams of 3 – 1 driver and 2 people in suits on the ice.

Kate Hillman-Barnes has updated the Membership application form and it will be on the web site soon. We will be confirming with the snowmobile dealerships regarding club discounts.

Garbage Cleanup – May 12 @ 7:00PM

As mentioned in our earlier email the GSSA Trail Riders are again participating in the City of Yellowknife’s Spring Cleanup.

We have been advised by the City that our area for spring cleanup (garbage pickup) will be the School Draw area. Please meet in the Parking Lot of NACC (across from the Anderson Thompson tower) on Tuesday May 12 at 7:00PM. The City is supplying the garbage bags but you will want to bring gloves and ensure you have appropriate footwear as some of the areas may still be wet. We will have maps of the area for those that come out to help.

Feel free to bring family/friends – the more the merrier!

We hope to see you there!

Snow Drags – Fort Simpson

Snow Drags 2015

If your in the Fort Simpson area check out their SNOW DRAGS event!

For more information please contact Jermaine Gargan at 867-446-8883

Whitecourt’s World Snowmobile Invasion

Both Bruce and Sonia Hewlko arrived home safe and mostly sound from their week in Whitecourt at the World Snowmobile Invasion. A great event and the highlight was participating in the unofficial Guinness World Record for Most Snowmobiles on parade. Total of 1044 snowmobiles of all makes and models from Kitty Cats and Mini-Zs to turbo mountain sleds to two-up cruisers with remote start.

The events were well organized.

The attached pictures were taken from a drone. The Line-up shows all the sleds before the start of the parade. The Loop shows the circuit of the parade route. The pulp mill is in the middle of the picture and the lower area of the Loop is on the river.

If you look closely at the line-up Bruce and Sonia were at the start of the 9th row from the right!

Safety Riders for Frostbite 45

Frostbite 50 – being held March 28, 2015

John Himmelman is looking for Safety Riders for the upcoming Frostbite 50 Race which will be held on March 28, 2015. The basic duties are to monitor the racers and report and racers having medical problems, you are not required to administer first aid.

Generally it is a good day on the sled and help out a good event.

Contact John Himmelman for more details – himmel101@gmail.com

Trail Report – November 7, 2014

Yellowknifer – Trail Report – Nov. 7, 2014

With the colder temperatures, a little ice on the lakes, shorter daylight hours and the odd flurry of snow it can only mean one thing – its sledding season. Yes, it’s that time of the year to dust off the old snowmobile, dig out the helmet, pants, jacket, boots and gloves.

It will be a few weeks before we can get out onto the trails so it is time to get the sled tuned-up. If you are a good mechanic you can go through the sled yourself following the manufacturers’ suggested checklist. Basically, change the spark plugs and drive belt, check track tension, check slider wear, carbides, oil reservoir, look for oil leaks, clutch operation, make sure the head and tail lights work, kill switch operates correctly and check the tightness of nuts and bolts through-out the sled.

If you are not a good mechanic take it to your local snowmobile dealer, discuss any mechanical issues with the service manager and hand over the keys. Depending on the amount of work required the dealer‘s mechanics can generally go over a snowmobile in a reasonable amount of time and if there are no issues the cost will be approximately $200 to $300. If there are problems with the sled the cost will go up but it is better to find the problem now and get it fixed than have the sled break down 20km from the city in the dark.
Should you be new to the sport and are looking at purchasing a new or used sled the best advice I can give you is to buy a lower powered 2-up touring snowmobile. They are more comfortable, easier to handle and generally have more options. They are a good snowmobile to learn on and you can take other members of the family with you. Unfortunately, there is a high demand for good used snowmobiles at this time of year and good ones are sold quickly.

More experienced riders will be looking at the new sleds on the dealer’s floor. One of the biggest decisions a buyer has to make is what kind of sled am I going to buy. There are 9 different categories of snowmobiles (mountain, freeriding, crossover, trail sport, performance, luxury, 2 up touring, utility and value). Within each category there are many options such as engine size, shocks, windshield height, storage bags and skis.

Now that you have properly working snowmobile, its insured and licenced (if you are going to ride within city limits) it is time to check out your tool kit. The tool kit should be stocked with all the items that came with the sled when it was new, spark plug wrench, spare pull cord, wrenches, screw driver, clutch wrench. It is a good idea to carry a spare drive belt and spare spark plugs.

Now we are almost ready to ride. Next week we will look at clothing, helmet and survival kit.

For more tips on snowmobiling log onto www.gssatrailriders.com

Ride Safe, Ride Sober

Weekly Newsletter – December 18, 2014

Weekly Newsletter – Dec. 18/14

We received a cheque from Polaris as part of their Winning Riders program. Polaris donates $250 to all clubs in Canada and the US.

Dave Abernethy and I spend 2 nights on the groomer. The tracks worked well but are not that great in the fresh snow, they work a lot better on the hard packed trails. We still need more snow to start grooming on a regular basis.

I met with the City of YK and discussed the proposed developments in the Capital Area, which is generally located between Frame Lake, the Old Airport Road, Highway 3 and YK Access Highway. There are two significant trails in this area and they need to maintain for all users.

The Deh Cho Blvd Trail is very rough and will need a lot of grooming to make it reasonable. The ditch between Kam Lake Road and Utsingi Drive has flowing water and as a result is slushy and very slippery. A few snowmobiles have been stuck in the ditch so carry enough speed to make it through.

There open water reported near the School Draw Water Pump House on Yellowknife Bay. Highways Department is opening the Dettah Winter Road. The berms are not very high at this time but they are not marked.

I received the Mileage and Lake signs for the Trail Enhancement Program and we will get crews organized early in the new year.

If you are out riding please send me a note as to the trails you road and the trail conditions particularly if there are dangerous areas. If you are out riding send a note where you rode and the condition of the trail, particularly if there are dangerous area.

Depending on weather we will tray and organize a trail ride early in January.

Arctic Response will be holding another Snowmobile Safety Course on February 8, 2015

Merry Christmas to all and may you all have a healthy and safe 2015.

Weekly Newsletter – December 15, 2014

Weekly Newsletter – Dec. 15, 2014

Mike Burns is looking for a 136” X 1.25” X 15’ track for an older Yamaha Sled. If anyone has one or knows of one contact mike at mike.burns@theedge.ca

The Trails are improving with the snow but are still fairly rough and the rocks are still poking through the snow. The trail into Walsh and farther north is in decent shape except for the small creek area which is rough and slippery. I broke the trail into Drag Lake which is half way between Walsh and the Tartan Rapids and from Banting to Likely Lake. We will have to make a plan to cut a new trail around this area. Water levels are low and more stumps are sticking out of the swamps.

There are several winter roads on Walsh Lake and they are not marked. They are not a problem right now but will be an issue once the berms get built up. There are two plowed race tracks at the south end of Vee Lake. The berms are not high at this time and they are not marked. The trail across the Yellowknife River, between YK Bay and the Walsh Lake Trail is okay but stick to the middle of the river and follow an existing track. There is overflow and or open water along the south shore and don’t back off on the throttle. If you are not comfortable take the portage around this area.

The Frame Lake Winter Walking Trail has been laid out on Frame Lake. If you are passing through the area drive slowly along the trail as this will help pack the trail.
The trail west of Range Lake then north to the Old Airport Road is in good condition. There is one large rock adjacent to the airport fence which needs a lot of snow for trouble free passage over it.

The Trail entrance at Back Bay leading to the Old Ski Club Trail is very slippery as this is bare rock.
Dave Abernethy and I will be taking the groomer out in the next couple of days to check out the trails and the new tracks. We will be commencing grooming in early January. We will be looking for groomer operators so if you are interested please send me a note.

Dave Abernethy and I had a meeting with Dennis Kefalas, SAO, City of YK regarding the road crossing. Very positive meeting and once the city starts to clear the streets and parking lots they will be making some ramps up to the roads so that there is space before the road for the snowmobile to stop at road level allowing the snowmobiler clear visibility to check for oncoming vehicular traffic.

If you are out riding please send me a note as to the trails you road and the trail conditions particularly if there are dangerous areas.