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    Tartan Rapids at Prosperous Lake

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Snowmobile Security

Many snowmobiles can be easily stolen. In the last couple of years Yellowknife has seen an unprecedented number of snowmobiles stolen by youths for joy riding. These youths have done a great deal of damage to the snowmobiles.

The following steps can be taken to assist in protecting your snowmobile.

  • Keep the snowmobiles covered with a tarp or custom cover.
  • Store the snowmobiles in an area that is not easily accessible and not visible from the road.
  • Remove the keys and tether cords.
  • Chain the snowmobile to another snowmobile or to a solid structure. Thieves often carry bolt cutters so use a big heavy-duty chain and big heavy-duty lock.
  • Install a kill switch hidden under the cowling.
  • Install faulty spark plugs or spark plugs with the electrode removed so the engine will not fire. Do not remove the spark plugs as frost will get on the cylinder walls and rust will form.
  • Remove the spark plug wires.

If you snowmobile is stolen immediately contact the RCMP. Provide them with the Make, model and serial number of the snowmobile as well as the colour and the license plate number. If there are any distinguishing marks or features of the snowmobile that make it different then any other snowmobile. Providing a picture of the snowmobile is also beneficial.