• Snowmobile Sunset

    Snowmobile Sunset

  • Berry Hill February 2017

    Berry Hill February 2017

  • Berry Hill February 2017

    Berry Hill February 2017

  • Tartan Rapids at Prosperous Lake

    Tartan Rapids at Prosperous Lake

  • Cliffs of Blanchette Island

    Cliffs of Blanchette Island

  • Shore of Great Slave Lake

    Shore of Great Slave Lake

  • 2017 Making Trax

    2017 Making Trax

  • 2017 Making Trax

    2017 Making Trax


GSSA Annual General Meeting

The AGM for the GSSA will be held on Wednesday November 14th at 7:00pm

The meeting will be held at the board room on the Second Floor of the NWT Commerce Place Building

(Between the Elks Lodge and Book Cellar)

Ice Testing Results – October 20, 2018

Making Trax Rally

Ice Road Maps – 2018

Yellowknife Search and Rescue (www.yksar.com) has provided us with maps of the ice roads located in the Yellowknife area.

these maps provide some guidance but always drive with caution as there are no regulations on ice road construction or marking so new unmarked roads may be built at any time. 

2018 Ice Roads – Banting Lake

2018 Ice Roads – Dettah Road

2018 Ice Roads – Grace Lake

2018 Ice Roads – Prelude Lake

2018 Ice Roads – Prosperous Lake

2018 Ice Roads – Walsh Lake

2018 Ice Roads – Yellowknife Bay

TerraX Activity Update

Attached is a diagram that outlines the areas of TerraX drilling and road activities.

We currently have 2 drills and associated equipment working on land based drill holes in the Sam Otto target area. There is additional truck traffic on the Vee Lake road and the Vee Lake – Walsh Lake ice roads to and from these drills at shift changes (7am and 7pm) and throughout the day and evenings by TerraX staff and Foraco foreman and mechanics.

Please pass this along to your members and please enjoy safe trail riding.


Alan Sexton

Hearne Lake Lodge Ride and Lunch

March 11th – GSSA ride to Hearne Lake Lodge

Cost is $20 (members) $25 (non-members) for a delicious lunch and we can accommodate a maximum of 20 people. 

This is open on a first-come first serve basis; payment guarantees a spot. 

Contact Micheal  (446-1231), Kate (445-7093) or Marg (873-8730) to get a spot. 


If anyone wants to ride out March 10th and stay the night please contact them at www.hearnelakelodge.com.  Hearne has room for a maximum of 10 people.  Cost is $170 per night and includes 3 meals.  You can then ride back to town Sunday with the rest of the crew

February 14th – Report

You may have heard last weekend we had a local snowmobiler reported overdue.  While travelling alone on a remote trail the man hit a hidden log and tipped his sled.  The sled was stuck on a hill and wedged against a tree making it impossible for him to right it.  Tough position for anyone to be in but the man prepared himself to spend the night on the side of a small lake.  Would you be prepared to do this?  The good news is that he left travel plans with a loved one who then reported him missing.  The next morning RCMP, CASARA and Yellowknife Search and Rescue deployed.  That afternoon he was located miles away from his sled in a vacant cabin, alive and well.  I hope this can stand as a testimonial that you should not travel alone and have appropriate safety gear.  If you find yourself in this unfortunate position it could save your life.  A big thanks to the RCMP and our volunteer searchers; we’re lucky to have you. 

We seem to be getting a little more snow each week so the trails are less rocky.  Remember there are still numerous buried rocks on the lakes where none were last year.  Some of the higher traffic portages are getting pretty rough so require reduced speed.  Larger lakes are drifted but still easily passable.  The City Boy Loop has been travelled recently.  The section from Duck to Jennejohn and Defeat are good with some rough portages.  Lots of untouched snow found in towards Defeat for you carvers but be aware that the section from Defeat through to YK Bay is very rough and narrow; a true wilderness trail. 

The groomed trails within the city are in excellent condition thanks to our volunteers.  The GSSA still has some gravel to spread on the Kam Lake trail and will most likely be doing so on Saturday so watch for our crew.  The ungroomed connector between Finlayson North and Range Lake south is rough and narrow so be cautious travelling this trail.  One of our riders damaged his sled trying to pass through. 


There are some fun upcoming events for you hardy winter loving Yellowknifer’s.  A few work activities too for those who want to help out.

Feb 15th 6-8pm (Thursday) – Polar Tech Members Night & Maintenance Session

    o   Open to GSSA members only

    o   Polar Tech will be offering good discounts not open to the general public

    o   Polar Tech will also offer basic trail maintenance advice so if you have a few questions or need to know how to get your sled back on the            trail come on out.

Feb 16th  (Friday) – Arctic Response is holding a Snowmobile Safety & Operations Course

     o   This is very good training for new riders or those who ride as part of their job.  Contact Arctic Response right away for more details

Feb 17th (Saturday) – Gravel haul

     o   Due to low turnout we still have some gravel to move onto the Kam Lake trail.  Please let me know if you’re available to help.  I plan to               start at 10am just off Curry Drive near the crossing to Grace Lake.  We’ll only work for a few hours so we can ride later in the day.

Feb 18th – (Sunday) afternoon ride

      o   I’ll host a short ride beginning at 2pm

      o   Let’s meet on YK Bay near the ice castle

      o    Route unknown, we can decide before we ride

Feb 25th – GSSA Diva’s Snow Run

     o   Meet 09:30 on YK Bay by the city dock

     o   Ride will go to Reid Lake and back with a stop for lunch on Reid

    o   Open to all ladies in town

March 10th – Arctic Anglers ice fishing derby on Walsh Lake

     o   Visit Arctic Anglers Facebook pager for more details

March 11th – GSSA ride to Hearne Lake Lodge

     o   Cost is $20 (members) $25 (non-members) for a delicious lunch and we can accommodate a maximum of 20 people.  This is open on a            first-come first serve basis; payment guarantees a spot.  Contact myself (446-1231), Kate (445-7093) or Marg (873-8730) to get a spot. 

    o   If anyone wants to ride out March 10th and stay the night please contact them at www.hearnelakelodge.com.  Hearne has room for a                 maximum of 10 people.  Cost is $170 per night and includes 3 meals.  You can then ride back to town Sunday with the rest of the crew

March 17th – YK Multisport’s Club annual Frostbite 50 race

     o   The club has asked the GSSA for some safety riders again this year to make sure the racers can get off the course quickly if needed. 

     o   If you are free for a couple hours or the whole day please volunteer.  It’s been a fun day for me the last couple of years.  

     o   I am also looking for a volunteer to help me organise because I will be out of town that weekend. 

March 23rd to 25th – Long John Jamboree weekend

April 7th – GSSA annual Making Trax rally

     o   Details are still in the works but make sure you schedule the day off.  It’ll be fun and full of prizes


Remember one is the loneliest number – never ride alone.


Michael Arbuckle

GSSA President

February 9th Update

Safety is a Wise Investment

Some light snow has fallen, the days are getting longer and the weather is a bit warmer. Many lodges and cabins are open and ready for business. Before you know it spring will be here so this is a great time to prepare for another trip. Before you head out ask yourself, “Do I have the safety gear needed to survive a breakdown?”

Anything can happen, fuel line freezes, flipped your sled, belt might break, or you could simply run out of fuel. Many people have different thoughts on what safety gear should be carried and how to carry it. Some will carry it in a saddlebag
on their sled, while others on their back.

A backpack is a good call because if you hit the water you might lose all the important gear in the saddlebag. What safety gear do I consider most important? Clothing. Dress in layers so if you start getting warm you can take a layer or two off. Sweat can be deadly when your body starts to cool down Wear clothing with moisture wicking capacity to help keep yourself dry. An extra set of clothing could save your life if you get wet.

I almost always have a backpack with specific safety gear. In it you will find a first aid kit, knife, GPS device, cell
phone, flashlight, spare batteries, signal flares, hand saw, matches, thermal blanket, water bottle and snacks.
In my saddle bag I carry a tow strap, rope, tarp and paper. I may not carry much food with me but I can build a shelter and make a fire while I wait for assistance. Friends have laughed at me for carrying an orange small collapsible shovel
but it has been used to my advantage.

Of course I always have ice picks at the ready. Remember it does not take very long to ride far enough out that walking
back to town is more difficult than building a shelter. My sled has its own safety gear. I always have a spare belt
and the tools needed to change that belt. I also have a fuel canister; never needed it for myself but I’ve found other riders
who sure appreciated the fuel.

Many snowmobile manufacturers provide tool kits but it’s best if you know how to use the tools before its necessary. If you don’t have a kit visit one of our local dealers today, they will help set you up. The best insurance is not to ride alone and to leave detailed plans with someone you trust. If you do not return on time they will be your lifeline and report to the RCMP.
As a member of Yellowknife Search and Rescue I can tell you it’s difficult to search for someone when you don’t know
where to start.

The groomed trails in town are in great shape again this week. The trail from Long Lake to Duckfish is well packed but
the portages could use more snow. The larger lakes are drifted after last weekend’s wind but still quite passable. If you have more trail reports please pass them along to: [email protected].

Arctic Response will be holding a snowmobile safety and operators course on Feb 16.

The Great Slave Snowmobile Association is hosting a ride this Sunday

“Divas on Snow” a Ladies Ride on Feb 25,

A ride to Hearne Lake Lodge March 11 and

The annual Making Traxx rally April 7

Arctic Anglers will host an ice fishing derby on March 10

the FrostBite 50 race March 17

Long John Jamboree March 23 to 25

Check the Calendar on the Website for more information!

Always lots to do in winters so get out there, travel safe and have fun.

Polartech Members Night and Maintenance Sessions

Open to all GSSA Members Polartech will have items at discounted rates and will also have some break out sessions to review basic snowmobile maintenance items such as Belt Changes

Thursday February 15th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm 

Feb 3 – Trail Maintenance Work Party

We will proceed with the gravel haul on Saturday – Feb. 3, starting at 10AM and continue until finished – 2 to 4 pm depending on how many show up.

We will meet on the west shore of Km lake as shown on the attached sketch. I will have the Kubota there with a trailer. The more snowmobiles with toboggans the better but if you don’t have a toboggan we will need people with shovels and rakes to load the toboggans and the spread the gravel as well as shovel snow onto the trail to cover the gravel. Bring something warm to drink and eat, we may start a fire if not too windy.

This is a major trail that is used by significant number of snowmobilers and skiers and needs some work to make it more passable for all users.

The forecast if for -16 to -18 with winds of 18kph or 37kph depending on which forecast is correct. I suspect the morning will be cold but warm up during the day.

Any questions please contact me at 444-0165 or [email protected]